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the app icon for Rainbrow
Eyebrow-controlled iOS game
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the app icon for the fluid interfaces demo app
Fluid Interfaces
Natural gestures and animations
fluid interfaces
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AR Prototypes
Augmented reality experiments
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the app icon for lok
Minimal iOS puzzle game
lok logotype
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Hackathon Projects
Various iOS Apps
Moonbase Defender cover image
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icon for CSE 438
CSE 438 @ WashU
University iOS Course
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icon for the Moonbase Defender app
Moonbase Defender
iOS Arcade Game
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icon for the Graphify app
iOS Graphing App
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I’m currently open for iOS design and development work. I can help at any stage in the process — idea, design, development, marketing, or updates. Let’s get in touch.

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I am a designer and an engineer. Designing and engineering are fundamentally the same process, and both are required to create a great product. The best user experiences result from technology and art working together in harmony. Creativity is a result of learning and experimenting over time, and made possible because we are made in the image of a perfect Creator. The future will be determined by those who create, and it will come Swiftly.


Nathan Gitter

I am an iOS developer in Austin, TX. Currently my focus is iOS development in Swift and mobile application design. In my free time I play table tennis and build iOS apps.