AR Prototypes

Augmented reality experiments


I built 6 ARKit prototypes to show possible use cases of augmented reality. My videos on Twitter amassed over 500,000 views.

How they work

Image tracking in ARKit 2 can add virtual content over physical objects. In each prototype, the phone tracks a particular image, rendering additional content on top.

Digital content placed over a physical Apple Watch
The green rounded rectangle is added on top of the recognized image of the watch.

Design process

These prototypes are incredibly fun to design and build—it feels like playing in the future. I first sketched most of my ideas on paper, exploring possible UI's and interactions.

Sketches of the Apple Watch AR prototype
Sketches of the photos, weather, and message app extensions in AR.

After I had an initial idea, I would jump into code and iterate from there. This allowed me to design the rest of the experience from an AR-first perspective—in this case through the screen of an iPhone.

I wrote more about the lessons I learned making these prototypes on Medium.

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